Easily unlock ALL Crew Milestone Prizes : CSR2 2020

Csr2 Rp Hack

Csr2 Rp Hack

CSR2 Hack - Gold & Cash Generator

Learn how to unlock all of the crew milestone prizes including the season car in CSR2. Easily hacked together with game guardian, No root needed on as well asroid but iOS devices will need for jailbroken to install iGameGuardian.

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⏬ Downloads:
CSR Packer : http://bit.ly/CSRPACKER
Game Guardian : https://gameguardian.net/download
Bluestacks : https://www.bluestacks.com/
BSTweaker : https://bstweaker.tk/

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Note : I changed crew points to 20000k
Video Rating: / 5

Check out together with the video on how to Win 200,000 RP on CSR2 racing the Prestige Cup : 5 days Remaining. The Cup begined yesterday which requires you to have a McLaren 650S as well as Win 50 races as well as receive 300,000 RP in rewards.

If you don’t have a McLaren 650S you’ll be able to with ease purchase it for 3200 gold as well as update to Stage 4 Parts together with about MM in game money.

Fortunately for me, I won on rare imports using silver keys a few weeks back as well as all I had to do was update to mostly Stage 4 parts.

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